The Daily: 13 April 2023

I've been reading Art Goodtimes', Dancing on the Edge: The McRedeye Poems, during my morning meditation time. This collection draws out laughter and head-shaking, tears and hope. Goodtimes, himself, is an intriguingly contradictory person. He studied to be a Roman Catholic priest and then turned rather feral on points of religion. His poetry reveals a… Continue reading The Daily: 13 April 2023

The Daily: 2 February 2023

If Candlemas be bright and clear there'll be two winters in the year. — traditional adage from Scotland Of Candles and Divinatory Beasts There are many weather marking days throughout the year. Candlemas, falling on 2 February, was the day that our ancestors began to get nervous about the spring. A fine Candlemas portends a… Continue reading The Daily: 2 February 2023

The Daily

for 24 December 2022 Have you noticed that though worldwide post-agricultural cultures are mostly decidedly patriarchic and grossly misogynistic, much if not most of ritual, imagery, and myth is centered on women? The major pagan celebrations largely honor female deities, or, if they are male, then they're only vaguely human-like with substantial animalistic elements. The… Continue reading The Daily

The Daily

for 21 December 2022 Green Man in the cold morning light Today, 21 December 2022, the sun appears to stand still at its most southern point at 4:48pm. We call this period of slow change, where day length changes incrementally and then not at all, the solstice, the “sun pause”. In the Northern Hemisphere, this… Continue reading The Daily