Under a White Sky: Review

Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future Elizabeth Kolbert Crown, 2021 In Under a White Sky Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction, examines the future world we are engineering. Kolbert dispassionately reports on schemes to mitigate the multiple disasters we have created for ourselves — from climate change and ecological… Continue reading Under a White Sky: Review

Wicked Frog Problem

We are the metaphorical frog. We’re sitting calmly in this lovely personal pond. It’s warm and comforting. There are no predators. True, the food is a wee bit scant, but we are fat. We can hold off on eating. We are happy. We are happy. Except for the little nudges from under our skin. There’s… Continue reading Wicked Frog Problem

Hungering for Spring

This is the time of year that is the most difficult for high latitude living. The sun is up by 6:30am. The birds are loudly busy. There have been seed catalogs filled with glossy green seduction in the post box every day for weeks. The chickens are talking more, attempting to leave the roost more,… Continue reading Hungering for Spring

Errant and Unexpected

The Ameracauna hen has gone walk-about again. Third time this month. I’ve clipped her wings twice since she molted. There are no holes in the slump block wall; I’ve walked it twice this week. And the gate is as enveloped in chicken wire as it can be and still admit sunlight. If her pretty blue… Continue reading Errant and Unexpected

Lessons in Living in Season

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the spring fast, Lent. The name lent derives from an Old English word meaning “spring season”. Other languages name this 40-day period before Easter with words that derive from “fasting”. We can see from these names that Lent is not merely a season of preparation for the Christian Easter.… Continue reading Lessons in Living in Season

Remembering The Weather of the Future

The Weather of the Future Heidi Cullen Harper, 2010 Heidi Cullen, Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, opens The Weather of the Future with an anecdote from one of her first seminars on climate change. After her presentation a man from the audience approached her, saying he enjoyed… Continue reading Remembering The Weather of the Future

Ashes, Ashes, We All Rise Up

Ash Wednesday is a day of reckoning and atonement. Time for purification in preparation for the coming season of growth. We dip our souls in the cleansing fire of spring renewal and rise phoenix-like from the ashes. Daubing ash on the forehead is a reminder of our earthiness, our deep connection to this planet we… Continue reading Ashes, Ashes, We All Rise Up

Pancakes for Fat Tuesday

I briefly considered writing about Mardi Gras today, but I just don’t like it enough. I am not a Carnival person. I don’t like the noise, the crowds, the mess, the stink. I hate feeling inebriated and I simply can’t tolerate drunk people. I have no use for plastic beads. And King Cake looks revolting.… Continue reading Pancakes for Fat Tuesday