Arbor Day

We have a fraught relationship with trees. To mask our utter dependence on the green world and to justify taking whatever we desire from the planet, we have stripped even the possibility of consciousness from other life forms, woody ones in particular. We name them resources, so that the value of trees is determined only… Continue reading Arbor Day


to be a flower is profound responsibility — emily dickinson we are atrophied arrested in infancy lapped in trifling concerns want, desire, lust all trivial, all meaningless bounded by self in isolation yielding naught but wasted precious time we pursue this void aimlessly assiduously avoiding essence because truth is written materially plain to see in… Continue reading floralia

memory palace in flames

Leonora Carrington Ms Ashton (1987) memory she thinks is like a house on fire forcing mind into perennial present flames monstrous in brutal beauty stark revelations only to be scattered in ash and ruin cherished rooms once filled with laughter and tears and quiet morning comforts now all engulfed in roaring madness she came through… Continue reading memory palace in flames

Saint George and the Dragon

Bernat Martorell, Saint George and the Dragon (1434-1435) Sir George, he went a’questing, as gallant lads will do, to prove his mettle and his fine fettle — a knight both brave and true. He came upon a kingdom wherein misfortune reigned. The dragon blight, a dire plight, a land become blood-stained. The dragon charged the… Continue reading Saint George and the Dragon

canticle for earth day

gracious mother glorious creator generous progenitor we remember this day in gratitude in humility in wonderment we give heartfelt thanks for this being for these bodies for this magnanimous bounty no promise broken no necessity denied no love withheld even to these your wayward children is selfless solicitude bestowed and though in bottomless want we… Continue reading canticle for earth day

green garden for a desert rat

i am out of my element this abundance of soppy green perplexes the rhythms are all wrong me with my down beat shovel when the local conductor still has the baton raised my biological clock reads time for peas and is confounded by snow yet the grass is leaping in the perennial bed where it… Continue reading green garden for a desert rat