Sugar Season!

About this time of year the maple trees around New England become festooned in bright tubing. It isn’t as romantic as the old-timey, hanging-bucket pictures on all the syrup bottles, but it’s much easier to maintain and keep clean. The trees are tapped (meaning a small hole is drilled down to the inner bark) and… Continue reading Sugar Season!

Tragedy of the Uncommons (Part 1)

I’ve been working on my notions of private property for weeks now. Actually, one might say that I’ve been trying to determine my relationship to the concept of owning property for much of my life, though the recent activity was inspired by ideas on property ownership presented in The Dawn of Everything. But this idea… Continue reading Tragedy of the Uncommons (Part 1)

Termination Shock: Not a Review

Termination Shock Neal Stephenson William Morrow, 2021 I’m not going to give any opinions on this latest offering from Neal Stephenson. I’m actually reluctant to say anything at all about Termination Shock, as a book. But I am going to put up one spoiler. If you are looking for an exploration of the ideas and… Continue reading Termination Shock: Not a Review

St Matthew’s Day

If Matthew finds ice, he breaks it. If he doesn’t break it, he makes it all the harder. St Matthias with his ice breaker... If there is sharp frost on Matthew’s Day, it will last till March. The fox is hesitant to walk on ice after St Matthias has passed. Matthias breaks winter’s back. Sap… Continue reading St Matthew’s Day

On Beauty

I made the mistake of watching some of the Olympics last week. Except for brief YouTube intrusions in the music I listen to while working, I haven’t watched programming with advertisements in several years. I don’t like the disruption to my attention, and of course I despise the goal behind advertising generally. I don’t watch… Continue reading On Beauty

Hogs Are Up: Review

Hogs Are Up: Stories of the Land, with Digressions Wes Jackson (foreword by Robert Jensen) University Press of Kansas, 2021 I picked up a copy of Hogs Are Up believing it might be a narrative of the creation of The Land Institute, by its founder, Wes Jackson. Or perhaps it might be a portrait of… Continue reading Hogs Are Up: Review

A Full Snow Moon Tale

Romulus and Remus The old river god gently laid the sleeping twin boys on the bank. She watched as he sadly backed away from the shore and melted into his domain. Just before he vanished he looked up and met her eyes, charging her with this task in that one glance. He knew her well.… Continue reading A Full Snow Moon Tale