Tragedy of the Uncommons Part 2

How do you own a tree? What part of “tree” are you controlling? Where are the property boundaries? Do you own all the elements that contribute to your tree’s continuing existence? There are vast fungal networks feeding your tree, creating essential flows of nutrition and information between the visible tree and other organisms both above… Continue reading Tragedy of the Uncommons Part 2

The Violence of Property

There is a long and perhaps self-evident entanglement between unlimited property rights and violence. Violence is, of course, necessary to the right to destroy or kill, and private property — full ownership — will brook not even these extreme limits. In fact, to exercise and maintain unlimited property rights is to systematically employ death and… Continue reading The Violence of Property

Tragedy of the Uncommons (Part 1)

I’ve been working on my notions of private property for weeks now. Actually, one might say that I’ve been trying to determine my relationship to the concept of owning property for much of my life, though the recent activity was inspired by ideas on property ownership presented in The Dawn of Everything. But this idea… Continue reading Tragedy of the Uncommons (Part 1)

Not a Democracy

For obvious reasons, we are under the impression that American democracy is failing. This is not precisely true. American democracy is working exactly as designed. What is failing is our centralized system of top-down governance over a large and diverse territory. American-style democracy is humming along just fine; it's our country that is cracking apart.… Continue reading Not a Democracy