Love Poetry

Or as close to love poetry as I get.


i make many smile
witticisms abounding
wry comments
	with just the right inclination

i draw like nectar
honey hair
sweet eyes
	in my own world on the hill

wouldn’t they all be amazed
to know what i know

i’ll never tell
i’ll dance with all the graces
and laugh
	or cry
		is there a difference

but you know
you have that mad light
the fever glow in misty eyes
	(they call that dreamy)
you can play as well
	(but you can’t bake cookies like mine)

you and i
we know all the tricks
lowered lids
serpentine smiles

i and you
there is no difference
	and there is

i make many smile
but to draw happiness from you
	because you know
that is my only peace


a brown dot sits on my windowsill
	the breeze ruffles his feathers
he is youth and life
a shy young lass lands on the ledge
	head tilted, she asks him to dance
with a bob their vows are made
and they are one

a white prince glides on a mirror
	neck arched in graceful majesty
he is elegance and life
a lady in white satin waits for him
	the reeds bowing like courtiers
they trumpet a rich love song
	and they are one

a tigress silently moves through the bush
	muscle flexing under her tight dress
she is seduction and life
her prey is watching her every step
	not knowing he is caught
she gives him but one look
	and they are one

a chattering red bolt stops to rest
	hurling a barrage of words
he is energy and life
his assault is met with counterattack
	she is an able match
they set off on an endless chase
	and they are one

a king soars above the world
	lord of all he sees
he is majesty and life
powerful wings set him down at her side
	her white hair thrown back in pride
without symbols they talk
	and they are one

a shy girl steps out of her mother’s den
	her firm body modestly covered in brown
she is innocence and life
a young buck saunters past
	antlers crown confusion
brown eyes soften
	and they are one

a young woman is staring at a dream
	her heart racing in anticipation
she is hope
she drifts at his side
	has a thousand conversations planned
the bubble bursts
	and she is alone

what i meant was
i don't know

i know your eyes
	you've seen it before
   have you not

i know your smile
	you've felt it too
   have you not

i don't know where it comes from
	but maybe you do

maybe you can tell me what i meant
	to see
		to feel

all the	
	why who what i
		that ever existed

what i meant was

well, you know

©Elizabeth Anker 2021