The Bright Ages: Review

The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe Matthew Gabriele and David Perry 2021, Harper To understand racism and misogyny — or any kind of thing-ness — and the violence entrained in these ideas, you must understand the history of the Middle Ages, what we pejoratively label the Dark Ages and what Matthew Gabriele… Continue reading The Bright Ages: Review

Lady Day

March 25th is Lady Day. This is another Marian holiday which coopted older pagan traditions — in this case the New Year celebrations which fell on 25 March before Julius Caesar shifted the Roman observance to the beginning of January. Lady Day is nine months before December 25th, so you can probably figure out what… Continue reading Lady Day

A Meditation on The Overstory

The Overstory Richard Powers 2018, W. W. Norton & Company What makes some people so utterly convinced that the only living being with awareness and will is humanity? I understand that many of these people have spent millennia believing in deities that placed humans above the rest of creation, but this seems to me to… Continue reading A Meditation on The Overstory

A Way Off?

Sometimes I get the feeling that the human world might actually be running in some form of the Matrix. However, instead of random aliens directing the program, it’s a rogue corporate AI demon hell-bent on profit maximization at any cost for ‘Choose-Your-Evil-Megacorp’. Probably a cabal of several. Likely on the military-industrial end of things. I… Continue reading A Way Off?

World Water Day: Groundwater

World Water Day is 22 March 2022. This annual observance was organized by the UN in 1993 to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and to promote sustainable freshwater management. Each year a different theme is chosen, centered on topics relevant to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. The theme for 2022 is Groundwater —… Continue reading World Water Day: Groundwater