The Wednesday Word

Silence was met with mostly silence. This is not unexpected. However there was more interest than I would have expected for a new thing, enough of it positive that I shall keep going.

Stefanie, author of A Stone in the River, threw this up there:

We think of silence as the absence of sound. But what if, like black absorbing all color, silence holds all sound?

I’ll let you all chew on that. In the meantime, it’s Wednesday. So there is a new word. Enjoy!

The Wednesday Word

for 16 June 2021


You can respond in the comments below or make a Twitter post to the Wednesday Word. Either way, begin your response with #sanctify.

Your response can be anything. An observation, a story, a thought. In the spirit of word prompts, it’s best if you use the word; but I’m not even a stickler about that. Especially if you can convey the meaning without ever touching the word. In fact, in that case, I’d be rather impressed.

If responding in Twitter, you are limited to the forms of Twitter. I would prefer that there be no threads because that becomes difficult to parse in the notifications in-box. So if you have something long, post it in the comments below. That said, please don’t go too long. Let’s keep it under 2000 words, shall we. I’m not going to count, but I’m also not promising to read a dissertation. Unless it’s really good!

If I receive something noteworthy, I’ll post it next week. If not, well, that’s fine too. I know you all are busy. But if you’ve read this far, then I’ve made you think about… sanctify.

the gift

and they came
fleet-footed and fae
spilling seed in the soft summer airs

and they hallowed this ground
in incandescent sentience
the kenning of keen eyes and care eternal

and they sanctified this garden
with verdant and voluptuous

and so you stand on sacred soil
greeting the sunrise
gratitude swelling with the light

and so you stand
on sacred soil
in fortune dwelling blessed 
in fertile dreams bedight 

©Elizabeth Anker 2021

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Word”

  1. Thank you! Ok, this one took some mulling, but here goes.

    I don my ritual dress and
    cover my head in respect
    before entering the sanctified space.
    The incense of flowers fills the air
    as I kneel before the beans,
    bow to the berries,
    whisper prayers to the corn and
    sing praises to the apples
    in this holy place,
    this sanctum,

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  2. Sanctify was a good little race horse
    who loved to run on the dirt.
    She was a cute little filly,
    and oh! how she could flirt.

    Her race day colors
    made her happy and gay.
    And coming in first
    meant oats and good hay.

    Now she lives on a farm,
    way out of the way.
    And for the rest of her days,
    That’s where she will stay.

    And kids bring her sugar
    and a carrot or two.
    And once in a while,
    There’s a young stud to woo.

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