A Forced Hiatus

Just when I think I’ve got things under control…

First, we had a major shuffle at work. Upshot is I’ve got more hours and a new schedule to figure out. I am the manager of plants now, no staff… except one cat. So there’s that.

Then I found out that one can not park one’s car on the street by one’s house in Vermont during the winter months. Regardless of snow. So I have to get the books out of the garage. That’s another few dozen boxes unpacked in a bit over two weeks. We made a good dent in the mess yesterday and today. But Son#2 is going back to Brooklyn tomorrow and Son#1 has to work. So I’ll be hauling books across the street (it’s a complicated property…) every evening for a while.

Then, this is my favorite time of year and I’d sort of like to celebrate it. I found the Halloween stuff. There are kids in this neighborhood. And my neighbor, George, has a 7′ light-up ghost on his porch. While my own is rather Halloween-less… can’t have that!

So I’m on break. Maybe for the rest of the month. But at least until the books are moved.