Running Updates

Still moving the books. Down to a couple dozen boxes, half of which are likely donates. I say this because they are in boxes that are left from the move from Albuquerque six years ago. Mislabeled boxes. What is inside is not what is written on the outside. You all know me well enough by now to know I would not condone such a thing. In fact, it might cause me physical pain. So I think these were meant to go to the library book sale before we left New Hampshire, and I’d not rule out some of them actually being meant for the discard pile before leaving New Mexico. There have been rampant miscommunications in my life for the last many years. I am weeding them out now. To the tune of several hundred pounds of books… among other things.

As this is the last week of my calendar year as well as the waning side of the 13th moon in my lunar calendar, I thought I might re-post my big outline for the year as well as my Moon Intervention. The moon post will follow this one shortly. The long calendar post will come later this week. Along with something on my very favorite holiday season — All Hallows’!

For now it’s off to the garage to retrieve the fantasy and science fiction books. In the rain. In the 40°F rain. So… rheumatoid arthritis is already registering complaints… and there are stairs… ugh.