Sunday Poetry for 27 March

I wrote this for another All Poetry image-prompt ‘contest’.

Apologies to the artist, but I don’t know where it comes from except ‘Pinterest’. Which is hardly satisfactory as a credit. I don’t usually put up the image when there is no tracing it, but in this case it is sort of important to the poem’s interpretation. So thank you, Unknown Artist, for the inspiration!

dawn prayer

fair lusi, aurora, ostara
dawn-treader, day-bringer
slips on silent star-song
into sudden symphony of light
eternal march winds springing
winging through winter’s last night
she releases the riotous rainbow 
spreading seeds o’er fallow fields
frail lilies flowing in floral wake
follow her footsteps into morning 
she brings the golden sun
roaring radiant renewal
oriental splendor rising in revelation
dispersing diaphanous dreams of darkness
in radiant kaleidoscopic clarity
fair lady spring
bring us this gladdening
balmy climes to calm cold grieving
leaving harsh white skies
in darkened past
harkening fast to rapturous trilling
thrilling murmuration of flourishing life
give us your immutable gifts
undying return
and whirling ring of days
grant your immortal grace
to face what men have made
in this black winter’s bleak shadow     

©Elizabeth Anker 2022