It’s been an ugly week. So here are some goofy poems to make you smile. Hopefully…

Robin L’Green

Robin L’Green,
that blithesome thief,
with arrow and bow
he prowled every fief.
Took rags from paupers
and rings from the rich.
Gave each to the other —
a convivial switch.
Took naught for himself,
left naught for the lords.
But filled beggars’ bags
with plentiful hoards.

He roamed through the sher’wood
free from all ties.
T’were none who could hold him
though many did try.
But King John was enraged
and set trap for the fox.
A test he’d not fail
that led straight to the stocks.
“A contest!” said John.
“To the winner a kiss
and the hand of my cousin.
He’ll nary resist.”

But Robin was wily,
he came in disguise.
And none were the wiser,
he fooled every eye.
He nocked his best arrow,
shot straight to the mark.
Won maiden’s kiss
— along with her heart.
Then swift to the forest
evading all locks,
with maid and his men — free!
— that merry ol’ fox.

The Narcissist’s Selfie

Lord Pavo the Haughty
was known far and wide
for angelic mien
twinned with devilish pride.
He scorned all admirers,
for none met his measure.
His fine-feathered person
was his only true treasure.

But then came a day
when he chanced to espy
a beguiling brow
an enchanting eye.
How noble a chin!
What radiant complexion!
Such elegant form!
He deemed it perfection.

Struck down on the instant
by Cupid’s cruel dart,
this fair apparition
ensnared his cold heart.
But then when he reached out
his love to enfold,
he touched naught but vapor.
T'was nothing to hold.

And for many long years
he’s pursued misperception,
seeking solace in mirrors. 
But it’s only reflection.
Though he’s captured an image
he’ll ne’er feel love’s embrace,
for his elusive love
wears his very own face.

Woodland Tea

Ursula B. Theodore 
sent invites through the wood.
“Come join with me
for cakes and tea!
So love it if you could!”

She swept the path and donned her lace
and set the tables so.
With honeyed sweets
and berried treats
and cupcakes — just for show.

Came Bjorn Raccoon and Albert Finch
and Reynard debonaire.
To garden glade
and table laid
with mounds of sweetened fare.

In china cups she poured the tea
and savored rising steam.
While Reynard sniffed
the herby whiff
and said “I’ll have some cream.”

Said Bjorn to Bert “We wash this first?”
But Bert, he did not know.
“Perhaps, I think,
dunked in the drink,
your cakes will turn to dough.”

Said Ursula B. to gathered three
“Now, isn’t this so good?
Such civil tea,
to you from me,
brews up enlightened wood.”

And so they dined urbanely
in green serene spring air.
No claws or teeth
or raiding thief —
thanks to an elegant bear.

©Elizabeth Anker 2022