coming through wisdom

Born Again (Nacer de Nuevo) by Remedios Varo (1960)
she is breaching
reaching through rent flesh for hearth sense
brushing past grasping cilia and bleached branches
deserting the void-dark garden of ghosts
coming into the clotted intimacy of small spaces
penetrating deep the root-riddled walls of womanhood
she is suffused with maiden’s hopeful lust
one sip from the cup of blood sagacity
mother’s milk of nurturing wise wound
holy grail of earthly mirrored moonlight
receptive chalice of reflective lunar perception
not the cerulean sapience of sunny skies
this is lambent lore, womb-dark and wine-red
initiation of spirit in true sight
she is woman
reborn of woman
and she is coming through wisdom

Wednesday Word

for 18 May 2022


The poem above is an example of ekphrasis. I don’t write paeans to visual art very often, but this one captured my attention. And it seemed a good way to explore the transformative power of feminism.

©Elizabeth Anker 2022

Wednesday Discourse

I’m taking a page out of John Michael Greer’s blog writing. I don’t feel much like writing extra essays, but I would like to continue to hear from you. So Wednesdays are open posts. Anything you feel like sharing (except the usual injunctions against foul messaging).

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