new leaves in the arbor
here is a seed
     my soul-gift to the future
     a self i cannot know
     but in dreams and divination
yet though I cannot see
     certain am i
     hope spreads roots in this soil
here lives
     great care
in this mattering nature
     dwells nurturing spirit
no, no divide is there
     twixt the sense of hand
     and the sense of heart
and so i plant this assurance
     my gift to you
     dear denizen
     of a world i will never know
may it grow well

Wednesday Word

for 24 May 2022


It is time for planting in Vermont. This is time that is spent with a good deal of physical activity directed toward the nebulous future. Underneath all this hard work is always the knowledge that what is planted may not thrive. So the work of planting is a form of hope. It is a work of trust. It is blind faith in the good to come. It does make one philosophical…

©Elizabeth Anker 2022

Wednesday Discourse

Wednesdays are open posts. Anything you feel like sharing (except the usual injunctions against foul messaging).

1 thought on “planting”

  1. Seeds and planting are a gift to the future.

    The weather here this coming weekend will be warm and I am looking forward to exhausting myself in the garden planting all the seeds 🙂

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