The Planets Are Aligned

The latter half of June 2022 will be a treat for sky-watchers. All five of the bright visible planets will be in alignment, in the order that we find them in the solar system, from left to right across the pre-dawn sky. Beginning June 16th, Mercury will also be as bright and high up as it ever is, so you may not need a totally flat eastern horizon to see it.

June 2022 planetary sky-map from

If you have binoculars you can also follow this alignment along the ecliptic to see both Uranus and Neptune as well because they will also be in the pre-dawn sky, though it would have been easier a few days ago when Venus was closer to both planets and therefore a good mark of where to point the binoculars. Still, it’s not hard. The waning moon will also be showing up along the alignment, sitting next to Saturn on the 18th in its gibbous phase and then progressing along the line, ending up a lovely waning crescent next to Mercury on the 27th.

Be sure to go out at least once to see this wonderful show. The alignment will last until September though it will not be as spectacular as June when Mercury is easy to see. The planets won’t align like this again until 2040… and then if you miss that one too, you’re out of luck. The next one after that doesn’t happen until 2854!

For those who like to take night sky photos, will be posting your pictures.

For the record, this alignment — called a ‘planetary parade’ by the astrological folks — apparently has no effect on astrology. I’m not at all knowledgeable or inclined in this direction, but I did sort of think a planetary alignment would be a big deal to them. To find out it’s not was surprising. Though they are as excited as I am by the chance to see it happen.

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1 thought on “The Planets Are Aligned”

  1. Such a rare planetary alignment isn’t significant to astrology folks? Hunh, I’m surprised by that too.

    What alignment made me think of first was chiropractors. First time I ever went to one was through workers comp due to wrist and shoulder problems from a very un-ergonomic workstation. All I got was a list of approved doctors and had to choose. I ended up with a guy who never actually manipulated my back or neck, but had me lay on the table, close my eyes and he would tell me to think of different colors while he worked on realigning my energy field. He also gave me qi gong exercises to do at home. Meanwhile my workplace fixed my workstation ergonomic issues. I got 6 weeks of energy realignment. I did feel better at the end but whether it was from his treatment or the better desk setup or a combo of both, I will never know.

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