cannot brain today…

So… this is just a short post to say that there won’t be much from me this week. It is homecoming at the university this weekend. As Person-in-Charge-of-Stuff and Person-in-Charge-of-Events, I won’t get another break until they all go home on Sunday afternoon. And with our store manager out with something that is not-COVID but sure is acting like COVID, I may be working rather longer hours than my body would like.

And did I take this weekend to rest up, get my recovering body as ready as it could be for an onslaught of drunk alumni? Nope…

In my defense, there is rather a lot to do. The viburnum with the grumps snapped the support I put on it in less than a week. So I decided it definitely had too much weight on that horizontal limb and had to saw off about half of it. And while I was at it, I cut back the lilacs and spirea and planted a couple evergreens that have been waiting very patiently on me for weeks. The raspberries are putting out their second round of fruit, and I decided to cut the old canes to get that done (before it snows this year…). The 150 daffodils-for-naturalizing showed up earlier in the week and needed to go in the ground. Which meant not only planting 150 bulbs, but prepping and weeding the places where the bulbs were going. I ended up pulling all the weeds on the house side of the property.

I ignored the veg garden… because I just did that… of course, it needs it again.

I wore the skin off of two fingers and have bruises up and down my body. The arthritis required three ibuprofen, and the allergies required benedryl. I had about enough energy to shower and wash the crud out of my hair (always wear a hat, always wear a hat, always wear a hat, and when you have all of it tied up in an impermeable knot so that nothing should be able to get in there… always wear a hat) and then eat a pear and a peach-pecan corn muffin for dinner. I am typing this with two fingers and will pretty much crash after I hit “post”.

So have a good week!

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