November Poems

These happened last night as I was listening to the crows settling down on a rainy evening.

  i remember...
  in the velvet grey of november
  as time slows to purpling twilight
  bridging firm here and phantom yesteryear
  these silver airs softly falling into tomorrows
  as songs of firebirds rising to greet the stars
  as like to like in rapturous majesty
  as a whirling dervish of memory
  all the leaves of autumnal winds
  hastening to what none may know
  but all may fear
  i remember
  in this thin darkness
  the fulsome light of a solitary flame
  and it is enough

the snowflake

i held a snowflake
in the cradle of my hand
caught while dancing the winter airs
a delicate tracery of myth and mystery
in cold crystalline glistening
saying none will be as we

i alone beheld this singularity
ephemeral beauty as all must be
a wink in the eyes of deity
and then…
but pulsing the fierce joy
of first snowfall

the falling star shines all the brighter
as it dies
writing across the heavens
to be!
to be is exultation enough

and there lies my snowflake
serenely slipping into oblivion
i would not miss this dance
for all of staid eternity

©Elizabeth Anker 2022

The Comments

I am wondering if any of you write poetry. I find it so cathartic and uplifting, even when the subject is gloomy. Everyone could share in this simple pleasure. One that costs nothing but emotion and paper. If you have anything to share, I’d like to read it.

Of course, all comments are welcome, barring the usual things.

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