The Daily: 2 April 2023

Poetry Month

For the next few weeks, I’ll be focused on writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month. So there may be some weeks when nothing much happens here. I’ll put up some of the poems, but probably not all. If you’re interested in more, they can be found on my All Poetry site.

The April Wednesday Word Contest is also there. I’ve not received any submissions as of this writing, but give it a day or two… there will be interesting uses of the April word bank which is focused on the idea of the World Tree. I’ve borrowed this image from Alan Lee because I think it captures the sheltering essence of Yggdrasil. Even if that was not his intent…

Alan Lee’s Gandalf coming to Hobbiton, a perfect rendering of home in springtide

And now, a poem for Palm Sunday

unsound songs

we sing the wrong stories
songs of blood and sword
bones bleached on battlefields
rings and wraiths
illusion and illusory fate
love lost to crossed stars
horns herald heroes
boasts brayed of belligerent lords
flutes trilling fabled flights of fancy
strange bird song from no forest known

what of the majesty of the morning star
the bravery of ash blossoms
what of the grandeur of the autumn garden
the mystery of each miraculous seed
give me skies of starlight
give me rainbows and ephemeral aurora
give me the captivating splendor of silent snow
all in swelling song
sing to me of warm bread
of infant heads soft with sleep
sing to me of full bellies
joyfully awakening to daily love
sing to me of mundane magic
the web of wonder that binds the world

what is the death of a hero
or the sacrifice of the chosen one
just one more victory 
for those who would unmake life
we have given them too much glory
it is time for new songs…

©Elizabeth Anker 2023

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