The Daily: 24 April 2023

It wasn’t the most productive weekend. I got some weird flu bug that created the most painful immune response I’ve ever endured. That lasted from Wednesday to Saturday. I was out of bed on Saturday, but I wasn’t doing much but reading and writing. I did get a lot of both done, so that was good. But I was not in the garden at all. Sunday was 40°F and raining hard, which I don’t consider ideal gardening weather. But I also had to get all the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning done on Sunday so I could get back to work on Monday. Ergo nothing happened at all, except all that.

However, this is the sort of thing that happens when I get the spring flu… call it art for art’s sake…

the river

autumnal mists veiled sight
dazzling our gaze
casting gauzy golden dawnlight
to burnish maples
all arrayed for the dance of death
and you murmured
still waters reflect
admit no alteration to time
but lap stones in cold memory
we were here
divided by the river
spellbound under september’s sun
reaching for halcyon naivety
wanting no part of winter to come
but neither dared the water
i gave you my summers
my springs and bright beginnings
you left the harvest in the fields
as the river slowly rolled away
and so we remained
afraid to dive into unseen depths
your path led out of the gorge
while i wandered the murky banks
looking but not
caught in a dream of fall
refusing the call of snowflakes
and future sowings
and here i am
by the waters
waiting for nothing
for i do not want you back
but i cannot break the spell
of time’s glamour

©Elizabeth Anker 2023

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