The Daily: 4 May 2023

Come, now a roundel by Arthur Rackham (1908)

the thorn path

she made her feathered nest
in the tangled boughs of oak, ash, thorn
and found mushroom echoes of moonbeams
she delved for essence
among the hawthorn roots
and brought woven certainty to light
she entered the ring
where faeries are dancing
and knew the wheel’s ceaseless turning
she sought crooked paths into the woods
shunning the straight and sunny
and this has made all the difference
she will not return
to the mundane world
but you may hear her singing

Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word contest for May on All Poetry is already off to a good start. I’m a little worried actually. We’ll see if the pace continues as the month goes on. There are some good reads today though!

May 4th is Hawthorn Day. This is the traditional day to tie clooties on hawthorn boughs over magical springs. It’s one of the days when villages compete to make the most astonishingly elaborate display of greenery and white flowers. It’s the Feast of Bona Dea when we re-member the earth’s bounty. And it’s a perfect day to plant a garden. Except if you have one of those annoying day jobs… I’ll be cutting up the potatoes and getting them cured this evening so I can plant them out this weekend. Which may actually be good gardening weather! Fingers crossed!

May the 4th be with you!

©Elizabeth Anker 2023