Inauguration 2021

A much brighter White House

I thought it would be fun to watch Joe Biden reprieve us all from the monster who absconded with the White House silver this morning. You know… Follow Twitter and Facebook. Watch CNN coverage. That sort of thing. Then digest it all into a blog post.

I did not properly plan for the emotional response

and the deleterious effects of tears of joy on a keyboard.

Swearing in the first woman of color as Vice President

Nor did I anticipate all the distractions…

which began well before the ceremony.

Goodbye & good riddance
Best Use of Sarcasm Ever!
Detoxing the Oval Office in preparation
The Oval Office isn’t the only space that needs detox.

The Senator from Vermont arrives with The Plan.

Bernie Sanders becomes a meme.

The Senator from Vermont is very cold.
The Senator from Vermont requests a space heater.
Oh my Gaga

Lady Gaga is a distraction by definition.

Conjecture on the Message

Joe’s natural hair was also an inspiration.

Hair as metaphor

Trump’s helmet inspires other things.

Then there are the personal issues.

So these are the people we elected.

To reiterate: Kamala!

Then the speech.

And if that weren’t enough, Amanda Gorman steals the stage!

Absolutely captivating!

And finally, it’s over…

Final thoughts…

© Elizabeth Anker 2021