goat man

the little goat man
	came trip-tropsing along
come one, come all
     he trilled
there is no need for care or strife
	let sorrows all be stilled

for hoop, hooray
	we're here today
		who can tell what the morrow will bring
come, follow me
	tra la, tra lee
		the little goat man did sing

the little goat man
	skips through the trees
calling you
	into the wood
come be gay
	this beautiful day
and you'd follow
	if only you could

far and wide
	the goat man does stride
		he's gone in the wink of an eye
so, hie to his dance
	lest you miss your one chance
		to be merry ere you die

©Elizabeth Anker 2021

A short note: I’ll be moving house in the next few weeks. So there will be poetry. And other short postings. Perhaps even a few days of nothing. But things will be back on track in May!