Goddess of Spring

These were a couple things that happened this week, inspired by All Poetry contests. I didn’t realize there was a theme until this morning…

the maiden

the damask rose

wraps her wolf heart
claret core in clenched milky fist

this eternal beauty
of ephemeral flesh

fierce stiletto will 
guarding petal passions

sends call to the wild
coruscating scent

opens to honeybees under solstice sun
smiles in stillness of noontide

to grow hips full of sated desires

columbina’s escape

she does not consent
no more gives assent
courts her own intent
and will never relent

cares not for your creeds
nor your manly deeds
harks not to your screeds
nor your infinite needs

she’s done with pursuit
gives beaus the boot
does not give a hoot
and stands resolute

so style her the strumpet
she’ll not be your puppet
and like it or lump it
you can all just go fuck it

©Elizabeth Anker 2022