The First Flowers of Spring!

There was ice on the garden at the beginning of the week. Today, there are snowdrops and crocuses. And honeybees! The bud scales have dropped off the apple trees and the lilacs are beginning to open. I can walk to the mailbox without a coat and I’ve had the curtains drawn wide all day. I’m even considering opening the storm windows and letting in some fresh air.

The sheer suddenness of spring never fails to astonish me! I feel like dancing!


there is purple in the garden
     wine-dark lips kissing the sky
and tiny argent pearls
     demurely bowing to the sun
heart skips in delight
     at these vernal promises
no matter the tally 
     of those kept in years past
we are always as young
     as the first slender flower of springtide

Wednesday Word

In other springy news, the Wednesday Word Poetry Contest for April 2022 is up and running on All Poetry. Entries will be accepted until 27 April (in spite of the deadline given on the page… site bug only allows two weeks… have to edit it every other week to extend it longer… for, say, a month… oi.)

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