no reservation

 there is no reservation
at this table of consideration.
for all the lauded tricks
of human matter,
it is only one of…
do you not know
that the stars conjecture?
conferring on creation —
beginnings, beings, resolution —
is as common as dust.
we are not alone
no matter where we cast our gaze.
even to the depths of this
pale blue dot
there is love streaming,
waves of light washing other skies.
from the tiniest atom
to next year’s newborn galaxy
the milk of life flows,
and with life, this wisdom.
do not feel despair
because each instance is ephemeral.
think rather of what your being will become
when your name is put to rest.
and think on all the majesty of becoming
that is to come
at the little cost of loss from today —
but only in order.
there is no squandering
in this prodigious balance.
yesterday gave you this
and you will feed tomorrow
and all of this temporality will re-member
so do not think that the forest does not know you.
the very stars sing your praises
at this staggering banquet of being.

©Elizabeth Anker 2022