greenleaf moon

 the moon waxes full
and the green spirit bestirs
flits through forest
canopy to soil
awake! awake! awake!
send roots questing deep
spread blades to capture sun
sleep no more
let juicy desire flow free
summer days are long but fleeting
make of life what you may
grow joy!
nurture beauty!
be together!

the green spirit 
under full moon’s grace
quickens life
draws up spring streaming
to pool in furled leaf
gather in lignin wells
pond in dark phloem
till rushing essence
erupts in verdant geysers
surging from twig and stem

the green spirit
kindles verdurous fire
enlivening and engendering
birch shivers into arousal
oak offers willing hands
cedars blush virgin viridescence
petals open to promiscuous airs
root tips drip beguiling light made sweet
to partners in the cyclic dance

the moon limns new leaf in silver
while wood is stirring
swelling to vernal fullness
and permeating all
is this exuberant eidolon
— the spirit of the green —
for where does spring live
but in the heartwood

©Elizabeth Anker 2022