canticle for earth day

gracious mother
glorious creator
generous progenitor
we remember this day
in gratitude
in humility
in wonderment
we give heartfelt thanks
for this being
for these bodies
for this magnanimous bounty
no promise broken
no necessity denied
no love withheld
even to these
your wayward children
is selfless solicitude bestowed
and though in bottomless want
we take more than our need
yet on this day once more
we come in supplication
we pray
that you open our eyes
that you soften our hearts
that you enlighten our minds
and knowing there are those
whose coldness is all consuming
we pray
that you protect our kin
that you tend this peculiar living flame
that you keep safe our peerless home
from us
holy earth
miraculous world
enveloping will
we sing this day
and we give thanks
for no gift is greater
than this life
may it always

©Elizabeth Anker 2022