life lessons

thirteen life lessons,
a year of moon praxis,
that we, the younger kin,
may learn from relation.

strength from the hummingbird
no obstacle
will be barrier
to your will

confidence from the squirrel
all endeavors
will be accomplished
in your hands

trust from the salmon
the way home
is always written
in your heart

patience from the spider
reward will come
when it is needed
from your craft

laughter from the otter
when darkness falls
joy wells up
from your belly 

grace from the flower
to be ephemeral
yet full of life
is your purpose

diligence from the beaver
what founders in time
will be renewed
through your skill

hope from the butterfly
the destination
will be found
within your journey

forgiveness from the sea
the barbs of ignorance
will be made smooth
by your words

wisdom from the bear
to know when to act
and when to hold
lies in your judgement

nurture from the wolf
steadfast keeping
submission to bonds
is your promise

love from the tree
gifts flow unceasing
with no thought of tally
from your life

serenity from the sun
the balance of being
unerringly true
will light your days

©Elizabeth Anker 2022